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hi, i trying to post some AR/AP pics(uncensored) to another platform,but it is hard and i didn't know how to use i decide to post some of my uncensored pics on Twitter,hope did violate some rules. And also i will post some of my Non-release pics to deviant today.
my twitter :
i recently just got Deviantart policy notice, inform me about the rules of Mature content.Even though i can edit the picture that i post i still choose to deleted it to avoid further more controversy things emerged out.I here by say I'm sorry i will notice and prevent more of this incident happen.i"ll try to reupdate a censored version ,if any one find some of my pics is  uncomfortable,please leave a comment to,Thankyou.
hi everyone,i'm have been focusing on OC(chracters)/OW(works) these days, i know someone excited asking me for request; i will open request when i have more spare times. I'm also hoping some can helping me to fill in my artworks color and make it even better, please leave a comment to let me know,thankyou.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, please send your request or suggestion by note or leave a comment below. And i stop accepting request change in to April 8, so hurry up and send it to me.

And also i know that some people were want me to do some request,but please wait patient until i start open the next request accepting next time.

To learn more information please take a look at here:Notice:Start Accepting Request On April 6

Also,thanks for your support.
hello guys,thank you for all the support to encourage me to draw more arts to improve my drawing skills.But i'm have much more things to do in my daily life,i hope if some one need request form me...please, notice my journal for more details and what time i will open request or close it. and don't forget to share my art and for more suggestion and feedback. If there are anythings to say,please leave a comment for me and thank you.
hi everyone , i am accepting request for all watchers , please give some suggestion about AP/AR or TF/TG i will end accepting request at April 12 . if anyone need my request, please notice here and thank you for the support.
i not jut only done some AR and AP sometimes.sometimes im also working one characters drawings or concepts drawing. i have many of them but didn't have time to post on Deviantart. Is just to many of them and i"ll scarp many of those arts,but that disn't stop for coming up new ideal and new things.So i"ll keep it up and hope my drawing skills will be more improve.
After the Lunar New year ,I finally end my internship , and i may have more times to posting new arts.I also tried different possible ways to AR/AP my characters on my art. there are 3 new arts that looks a bit like one of kojiro-brushard‘s works,i hope there is no Copyright issue.i will keep my best to present more interesting arts for this community and do my best to be a core member...maybe.

I finally have a few times to drawing and post other deviant's Request. But it still difficult due to my internet connection. So please be patient wait me finish the request everyone needed me to do
when i tried to finish an artwork, sometimes i having some trouble about my upload the artworks. Example: when i finish an artworks,i need a scanner to scan to my computer , i often scan my arts at home. But now i am staying outside because of my internship, so i can't uploading artworks frequently. now i must find some stationery store to scanning pictures (in Malaysia some stationery store having printing or scanning service). Also i am lack of knowledge on using computer to coloring,maybe you you will ask: why don't just learn. well i did;but it is hard to me.i am not good in using computer mouse to do. i did try to find some art tablet, but it is hard to find in Malaysia because we are lack of resources, the market is not big, less people spend their time on this things or just no body needs it.Artist in Malaysia usually get the product form oversea and it is very expensive. Even that,i still have to try.Because i want to draw more and give this community more , i will try my best and sorry about sometimes that i didn't upload arts.
                                                                                                                 John wong
                                                                                                                 Negeri Sembilan, (now in Johor,batu pahat) Malaysia
5 years ago, i start using deviant art to watch pics that not allowed sometimes and i was getting interest about drawing arts and post on online community,since i consider myself good in drawing so i did. i tried a few times but is not going well. because i lack of knowledge and skills on digital arts, and i spent many times on studying.But now i finally had the time to do so in few days ago, i post an art that maybe someone will notice, and it did. there is someone giving feedback and even add  favourites for my art. i am glad that my work had paid off and i will try my best to draw more fantastic art and improved my art skills.

                                                                                                                                                         john wong
                                                                                                                                                         Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia